Catch a Cheating Spouse - How to Tell If Someone is Lying

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If you suspect that your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife might be unfaithful to you, the single most significant indicator to catch a cheating spouse is when you catch them lying to you. Therefore it is essential to be able to determine how to tell if someone is lying.

The most important thing in order to learn how to tell if someone is lying is to keep in mind that all people are different. Trying to notice lies never is an exact science. What works with one person may not work with another. While trying to detect if someone is lying to you, you will have to do a straight comparison to the person's normal behavior (when you know they were telling the truth). Also take into consideration how stress affects their patterns.

There are several general rules how to tell if someone is lying to look for, but do not expect it to work with just everyone.

Tell if someone is lying based on their body language:

  1. People who are lying tend to sit with arms crossed and their feet together.
  2. Guilty people may sweat more intense as they are nervous.
  3. People who are lying will often touch their face (rub their eyes or chin area), but not likely touch their chest and heart area.
  4. Liars might swallow or gulp more frequently than usual.
  5. A liar often displays short jerky movements.
  6. People telling the truth smile with their whole face and eyes, liars usually use just their mouth muscles.
  7. Liars will want to keep a distance between them and the other person.
  8. People who are lying will often unconsciously place objects between themselves and the person they are lying to (a table, chair or book).
  9. Gestures and expressions often don't match the verbal statement a liar makes.

Tell if someone is lying based on verbal signs:

  1. A liar may speak more than natural, adding unnecessary details to try to convince the accuser.
  2. People who are lying are usually uncomfortable with longer pauses in the conversation.
  3. Liars are often trying to quickly change the subject or find ways for other distractions.
  4. They will often rephrase the question in their answer.
  5. They often use an unnatural pattern of their voice.
  6. A guilty person may give short answers.
  7. They may also go into longer elaborate speeches than they usually would.
  8. It is common for liars to answer questions with counter-questions.
  9. People who are lying use pauses in their speech while they think up their responses.
  10. A guilty person tends to get defensive. An innocent person on the other hand would often go on the offensive.
  11. Liars often avoid making direct statements. They imply instead of denying.

Tell if someone is lying based on eye contact:

  1. People who are lying are uncomfortable facing their questioner and may turn their head away.
  2. A liar will have a hard time looking the questioner in the eye. Although this fact is common knowledge and therefore the guilty person will try to avoid displaying this sign, his look might wander off unconsciously right during the lie.
  3. Liars tend to blink more frequently than normal.
  4. A guilty person usually looks up and to the right as this action stimulates the part of the human brain responsible for imagination (making up lies). Looking up and to the left on the other hand stimulates the part responsible for recalling memories (telling the truth). Keep in mind thou that this theory is affected by whether or not the person is right or left handed.
  5. Liars sometimes display a wide-eyed, innocent look. This is known to be a product of human childhood.

An effective technique how to tell if someone is lying is to change the subject of a conversation quickly, while questioning someone who might be lying. A guilty person follows along more than willingly and gets more relaxed. An innocent person on the other hand tends to get disoriented by the sudden change in topics and will try to return to the previous subject.

The above methods how to tell if someone is lying are commonly used by police and security forces.
These techniques are used as observations and tools for detecting differences in a person's normal behavior. If you try to catch a cheating spouse, keep in mind to make sure you have concrete proof and evidence before you start accusing your mate of lying.

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Catch a Cheating Spouse - How to Tell If Someone is Lying

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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