Common Hearing Loss Types

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If one wants to understand about hearing loss, the mechanism of hearing needs to be understood. The hearing occurs in a person in two methods. One is the air conduction method and the other is the method called as the bone conduction.

The air conduction is the method where the sound waves reach the ear and cause the tympanic membrane in the ear to move. This causes the various structures inside the ear to be stimulated and the sound is heard and deciphered by the brain.

The bone conduction method of hearing occurs when the person has vibration in the bones of the skull that in turn reach the bones and structures of the ear.

The conduction hearing loss that commonly occurs is caused by the lack of sound waves reaching the ear. There are many instances where the sound waves may not reach the ear because of various reasons. The presence of wax in the ear, the injury and subsequent swelling to the tympanic membrane and also infections in the ear or broken bones in the ear are common causes of this kind of hearing loss.

The sensorineural hearing loss on the other hand is caused because of the damage to the various nerves and other such structures present in the ear. Severe explosive sounds that occur near the ear can also cause the person to suffer from such conditions.

Hearing loss can also be present in various other situations. The hearing is lost when there is a tumor present in the ear that affects the nerve that helps in hearing. Hearing can also be affected when the person suffers from old age, mumps, measles and other such conditions that can cause damage to the minute and sensitive structures in the ear.

Hearing loss is a severe problem that needs to be identified and treated immediately. Lack of remedy can cause the person to suffer from damage that occurs permanently. Many instances, some immediate treatment will either reverse the condition or it will help in treating the disease to a large extent.

The digital hearing aids are the devices that will help a hearing impaired person to be able to hear at least some of the sounds present in the environment. These devices are used for the person to hear. Rexton hearing aids and other similar hearing aids are available in the market and will help in preventing total deafness.

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Common Hearing Loss Types

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This article was published on 2011/04/20