Five Steps For Handling Personal Criticism

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By criticism I don't mean helpful and constructive feedback, but rather mean-spirited destructive behavior. Criticism may come from enemies, competitors, colleagues, superiors, our team, the community, and even our family. Today there are those who suffer physically and emotionally because of things that were said about them. Others have just cracked down under the strain. Then there are those who dread facing meetings for fear of criticism. Many have just resigned because they cannot deal with it.

Handling Personal Criticism

1. Thank the person for the feedback
Express your gratitude to this person for saying something. It is difficult to change yourself if you are not aware of your mistakes, and someone has just offered you an external glimpse at your behavior. It may sometimes be more appropriate to start with an apology rather than a thank you or to apologize without any thanks.

2. If you have made a mistake, admit it
It also may be helpful to begin by admitting that you've made a mistake. Tell the other person, "You're right". You lose nothing by doing this. If you admit your mistakes, it helps to avoid fights as well.

3. Apologize if appropriate
Obviously, a strong apology will mean a lot to someone who is close to you. Apologies are a major impetus to forgiveness. If we apologize well, it allows the other person to more easily forgive us.

4 .Take steps to improve
You may need to be reminded more than once to make improvements. It is possible you will have to analyze you pattern to find out if some fundamental conflict rests underneath it.

5. Enlist the other person's help to monitor your progress
Monitor your progress. You may need to ask the person criticizing you to help you make long-term changes. Encourage him or her to remind you whenever you engage in this particular behavior. Share the fact that you want to change but that without feedback it is difficult to do so. You are now in partnership with them. And whenever you repeat this behavior, you can use a slightly modified Ronald Reagan line, "There I go again. I'm so sorry. And thanks for reminding me". Humor always helps.

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Five Steps For Handling Personal Criticism

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This article was published on 2010/04/01