Four Steps To Consider In Finding The Perfect Mate

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Is there really such a thing as a perfect mate? And if there is, have you found yours already? Have you ever thought that it is likely that your perfect mate is actually your best friend? The one you always turn to when life seems to have crashed down on you. Well, there maybe some who will say that they had found theirs already, but then there may be also some who are still looking for the Mr. or Miss Right of their lives

Finding the perfect person for yourself can really be as difficult as you can actually make it. If you tend to be materialistic and continuously hung up on the perfect physical image that you think your chosen one should have, then life is bound to be a little unpleasant for you. The looking for the perfect one is actually your decision that you have to make in order to determine if you want to be happy or you plan to continue feeling unpleasant and bad.

For those who are on the same stage as most people are, then read on and find out four of the possible steps you can take in finding your perfect mate.

The first step in doing this is to ask yourself and know what are those things that you did not like or were not able to love in the previous mates that you had. Ask yourself, what are the qualities that you did not like in them, and think if they were really proper for you not to like or whether they were not what you just wanted. Just thinking of the qualities that you believe did not make your previous relationships last longer will give you the idea of the qualities that you really would like to have.

Secondly, now that you have your list about your previous mates, the next thing you can do is to add to that list those things that you really don't want your mate to have. The future mate, that is. This will give you a better picture whether what you want may be a little impossible to have or if it is just within your reach. Now, you have a list called "What I don't want my perfect mate to be."

Then, after devoting time on the negatives, focus now on the positive sides. Anyway, in trying to find your mate, you should have that positive thing, right? Now, your next step is to list down the positive traits or qualities that you would like your perfect mate to have. You can just changing the title of your list before to something like "What I want my perfect mate to be." Then, change those negatives things you wrote there and change them into positive ones. At the end of all these changing and rewriting, you will have a clearer picture of what your perfect mate should be like.

Fourth, now that you have your list done, this will signify that you have already gotten over the hardships of finding out what it is you want from a person. The first obstacle in finding a perfect mate is the obstacle that you don't know what you want. So the next step would be to go and look for that person. It may sound very simple but the truth of the matter is that it is really easy. What makes it hard is only the fact that sometimes we don't know what we want. So now that you have an idea already, do everything and look for the person! Look online; there are many dating sites now-a-days that will give you the ideas you needed. Or you can also look around you; your neighborhood, your office. This person may just be around the corner waiting for you to notice him.

These are just suggestions, preliminaries that will give you a mental picture of how you can start the process of finding your perfect mate. Everything will still depend on you. You still need to have an open mind in order to see the better perspective. Patience is also an essential factor here. Do not think that your Mr. or Miss Right will come running along the street straight into your arms. It will take time, but when you finally find him, then all the process and hardships you have gone through will be more than worth it.





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Four Steps To Consider In Finding The Perfect Mate

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This article was published on 2010/12/13
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