How To Get Over A Relationship Breakup

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Getting over a relationship breakup can be devastating. Your heart aches, your head hurts, you feel so depressed and unwanted like something the cat dragged in and couldn't be bothered dragging out again.

Relationships of all sorts have the unwanted potential to hurt simply because one cares. The alternative to caring is worse; so it is considerably better to love and endeavour not to hurt the other person or to be hurt yourself. But people do grow apart and that is all part of the relationship experience.

So if you are reading this I'm going to presume that you are either recently broken up or think that you might be doing so soon. I'm also going to assume for the sake of brevity that you are the person who didn't want the breakup to happen. Hey, as the ambulance driver said "it happens".

So you parted from your partner recently and now you are spending hours and hours every day thinking about them, wondering why they couldn't love you the way you loved them, wondering what you did wrong or thinking you should have done something differently. You alternate between thinking you must be the worst in the world to thinking that they are biggest lump of rubbish left on the footpath. Neither of which is true, by the way.

Then we get the imagination working overtime. We imagine them canoodling with our best friend or some other lucky person and the old 'green monster' called jealousy raises it's head. Now this is one emotion that really is unhealthy and needs to have it's head loped off very fast. This emotion carries physical implications as well as emotional stress so it is a really bad emotion to nurture.

So I hear you ask, "how can we kill of jealousy so easily?"

My favourite thought weapon of choice I call my aversion tactic. I think of all the things I didn't like about them. Now if you are prepared to meet me half-way here, you will know in your heart-of-hearts that the person you've just broken up from had a bad habit or two. Or there was something else you didn't particularly care for?

I will list my dislikes here and you can add your own to them. You have to get your imagination ready though first.

1) Remember when they didn't close the door to the bathroom properly? Imagine them sitting on the throne....doesn't do much for their image, does it? Oh yuk....
2) The person had long finger nails. Long fingernails pick up germs along with other stuff and if the person hasn't got nice clean fingernails on their hands, do you really want those hands touching your body or food? Nah, thought not.
3) The person had a flatulence problem. You laughed over it at one time but now you remember the odour. Not exactly Christian Dior, was it?
4) You were all snuggled up in bed facing each other and the other person coughed in your face.
5) The other person snored right in your ear
6) Imagine a cow chewing its cud in a paddock. The person used to chew chewing gum like that. Certainly not an attractive sight was it?
7) Imagine your freedom now that you don't have to do exactly as the other person wanted all the time. Now that is called a release!
8) Halitosis is bad breath and if someone has eaten garlic and you haven't remember the smell.
9) The other person used to cut their toenails around you and bits would go flying off everywhere and they didn't always clean up after themselves.
10) Remember all those used dirty tissues that you had to pick up and put in the bin? Well, you don't have to do that any more.

If these aversion tactics haven't cured your relationship break up woes and you still think you want the person back, well, you are in a worse state than most. My only other suggestion would be a litre or two of Ice-cream and a really sad movie.

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How To Get Over A Relationship Breakup

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This article was published on 2010/09/25