How to See a Person's Aura

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First of all, what is an aura? Well, an aura is a subtly pervasive quality seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing. Auras can be felt, sensed, or seen. When someone possesses a negative aura, you may often feel a sudden vibration of disturbance or discomfort that surrounds the area that they are in. Have you ever been able to look at someone and know whether or not if they were sad without even asking? You may often say things like "you seem sad, what's wrong?" This is the energy that the person is putting off and these energies can be very strong and filled with emotion. Often people have referred to auras as "vibes". The wonderful thing about it all is that anyone can learn how to see an aura, and not just feel it.

Auras tend to display different colours depending on the emotion they are conveying at the time.

Here is a list of examples that one might go by when gazing to see a person's aura:

Brown - Can mean depression or low energy, sadness.
Yellow - High energy can also mean happiness.
Pink - Sensitivity, feelings. This colour is often found surrounding women who are pregnant.
Red - Can mean stress or anger and passionate feelings.
Blue - Found around people who can often sense things, such as spirit voices. Blue is also a very calming colour and is found in highly spiritual people.
Violet - Another highly spiritual auric colour, violet can signal that the person is spiritually advanced and able to see auras.
Emerald Green - Strength of character.
Green - Rebirth and renewal. This is the colour of healing, honesty, and straightforwardness. Many doctors will have green in their auras.
Orange - Change, healing, and cleansing. Often oranges can be seen around a person when he or she is beginning a new stage of life.

These are just a few examples of what the auric colours mean. How do you read auric colours around yourself or another person, you ask? It is actually very easy to do, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go into a room and turn off all of the lights, doing this at night works the best.
  2. Be sure that you have some kind of light peering into the room such as a night light or porch light.
  3. Hold your hands directly out in front of you, only staring at the room wall.
  4. Slowly move your hands together in front of you until your fingertips are almost touching.
  5. Let your eyes relax and focus on more of a gaze at your hands instead of a stare, it has been said that auras are very subtle and not extremely noticeable, so a light gaze works the best.
  6. The light streams between your fingertips will then appear, and you will be able to see an aura.

It is actually not that hard to do at all, but remember to focus on gazing when reading an aura rather than staring. Auric colours often appear as subtle hazes, before you know it; you will be an expert aura reader. This does take some practice, so try to do it often, especially if it is a skill that you really would like to obtain quickly. Once you master it, you should always be able to keep your aura-reading ability. We all have the skill within us, but just few of us choose to use it.

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How to See a Person's Aura

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This article was published on 2010/04/03