Killing Raccoons

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When we're little boys or girls there are often rites of initiation we go through, sometimes without our knowledge until after the fact. We get chaperoned to some "big person" activity.... The older sister offering the younger sister a sip of beer, the older brother letting the younger brother take a hit off his cigarette, the mom taking the daughter to the ladies luncheon, the father taking the son off to hunt.... you name it. It's part of growing up.

One of my initiations was hunting. Deer hunting. Camping out with my pops and his buddies, climbing 15 feet into a tree with a 20 gauge and sitting on a branch while freezing my bottom off... fun stuff for a 9 year old. It lead to other excursions- frog spearing (and no, frog legs do not taste like chicken), more deer hunts, and raccoon hunting. Which required dogs. BlueTicks and Redbones and a lot of preparation and trap setting. The traps were simple- a beer can with multiple cuts in the top allowing the flaps of aluminum to be pointed inwards. You wanted the flaps to be large enough to allow a raccoon paw to go into. The raccoon would want to put his paw into it because it saw the "shiny" object at the bottom of the can- a new quarter, fools gold, old costume jewelry, anything that would sparkle and shine under the light of a full moon.

Raccoons are fascinated with shiny objects and will want to bring it back to their den. They'll reach into the can with an empty paw to grab it, but won't be able to pull their paw out because the flaps won't allow it and will dig into their hide. Their paw is just too big, while holding the shiny quarter, to be pulled out of the can. So now you've got a raccoon stuck to a can because no matter what, they will not give up their "treasure". Even when those dogs are bailing and barking and running towards it. It might try to scramble away, but it's reluctance and adamant refusal to give up what they found in the can is always their demise.

We, as humans, have so much freedom of choice that we can even choose to keep ourselves enslaved and captured by thoughts, habits, actions, and things in the past that just don't even matter anymore to where we are headed. Yet it's much easier, almost as if it's the path of least resistance, to doggedly affix ourselves to what was. "What was" or "What happened" meant something, whether it hurt us or pleased us. "What's coming", and "What we're allowing", well, those are just unknown ideas, unknown possibilities. We may want to "go" there or "get" there, but we can't because we've got this stupid can of what we're holding on to, keeping us back. As much as we'd *really* like to move forward and progress onwards, we're not allowing ourselves to. We may think we are, but we know that something's holding us from where we really need to be, who we really need to be, and it's easy to blame the can, not ourselves, right?

The person who said I asked them the 3 rudest questions they've ever been asked had a "can on their hand". At the end of that particular discussion I mentioned that if they ever needed it, I'd offer them a session of Resonance Repatterning. They took me up on it, and we discovered that the "can on their hand" was linked to a pattern of beliefs that had distorted and interrupted their Energy in their meridians and chakras- and that that was caused because they had a pattern in their childhood of being told what and who they were. When I finally came along in their Life's path and asked them those 3 rudest questions, what had actually happened was that they had already reached a point in their journey that on some deeper level, they were no longer resonating with those patterns. they wanted to change, but weren't able to as that "can" had become so big. Their explosion of anger and rage at me was the catalyst that gave this person the conscious notion that it was time to change. The session revealed the correct modality and follow up actions they could do on their own to ensure their resonance was no longer matching those older issues and that they would move towards a greater sense of coherence in their lives. Resonance Repatterning is clearing the old channels of Energy to allow newer channels in.

Is there a can stuck to your hand? Is there something that you can not and will not let go of? Conversely, and even more so, do you feel that something or someone can not and will not let go of you?! You have the strength and power to look forward, to allow all that was and all that has been to just be. You don't have to or need to bring it with you on your journey, but it may be disallowing you from it.

If you're interested in Resonance Repatterning, it can be done in person or by proxy through email and telephone calls. Not may are, but it's well worth it. Send me an email to learn more.

Big Hugs,
J. Henry

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Killing Raccoons

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This article was published on 2010/03/27