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Matter of Perception

Some people don't believe something unless they see it with their own eyes. Would it be a tragedy to say that what the eyes see is more reliable than the power of words? After work, waiting is an empty house... what does a person sees in the empty house? If this question gets to be answered, surely, each person will come up with the different opinions, views and interpretations.

If a person sees something important, he will not bother to ask for an explanation, he will simply believe. The probable explanation for that is that when a person sees something, within seconds, it is already processed in the mind than listening to a person describing something which the listener should bother to absorb, concentrate and imagine first before entertaining it as solid information in his mind. But it is not the instant belief of a person when he sees something that is vital, it is the perception. Perception is the power of your mind. Everything in this world is a matter of your own perception.

Perception is something kindled to people since childhood until they are old enough to act and think of their own. The power of your mind is its ability to interpret something based on own previous experiences and influences. Though there are other extrinsic factors in which perception is developed in a person such as family, friends and community, it is still himself who decides what to believe. Thus, perception always helps with the decision making of a person. When a person sees something, he molds it into his own perception, believing and willing it to be good or bad for him until a decision is made up. He would categorize it in his mind.

The perception also builds a person's personality. Since perception helps with the decision making of a person, it also affects the way a person acts upon this perception especially after categorizing it in his mind. So if a person perceives that this something, say cigarette, will be bad for him, he will avoid it at all costs. This perception affecting the behavior would be an advantage to humankind. But what if this perception is different from what the norms usually think? It does not follow certain rules that were made and invented. Is it disadvantageous to that person with a very different perspective? Again, the answer to that question depends on one's perception.

In the long run, it would be very hard to convince somebody to change his mind when his mind is already made up. The only flaw in making up your mind is to look at something in the wrong perspective. No one can define what wrong perspective is. It's just a matter of how a person deals with situations that people can tell if he is right and wrong depending on one's norm. But it's all just a matter of perception. The thing is, if you think you're right and you want to prove everybody wrong, you can use the power of your mind to prove them wrong. Perceptions could be easily altered with best persuasions and proofs especially if the person believes in what he sees.

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This article was published on 2010/03/28