The Right Coach and Mentor For You

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Why is it so important as you might be looking for coaching to make sure your working with the right person(s) as your personal coach and mentor. Well many times overlooked when looking into an mlm business is the question:
Is this the person I need to be getting to know, without pressure. If your potential future coach and mentor, is he(she) putting pressure on people to join the new biz. Or in other words, "Get in today to get the ball rolling" or "Once your in you'll get all of your questions answered."

With any decision, calculate the cost, get to know the mentor, as to whether the right coaching for YOU is provided, and get the answers YOU need.

If I'm getting ready to join a new mlm company, I'm not as concerned about getting everything learned about the company as I am about getting to KNOW the Mentor, just as we would try to get to know the prospect. Are we right for each other?

Even If a few years have been spent in past MLM companies, our future growth into 6 or even 7 figure income streams could depend much on what our new mentor could be sharing with us.

What I would would really consider for a good mentor would be:

1. Is this person approachable?
2. Does this person have solid people skills and care about who I am?
3. I this person willing to help me in the right direction and support me?
4. Is this person more interested in a quick dollar or long term growth and relationship building?

Also what kind of marketing strategies is this person using? Are they using outdated ways of basically glorified telemarketing?

It is important to be able to submit your ego to another man or woman. When this is accomplished with the right person it is a beautiful thing.

One more thing. Don't think of yourself as not being worth the time for your coach, or he(she) is too busy for me. That is their responsibility to make sure you have all the information you need that may not be provided by group training sessions or meetings.

You have to think more of yourself and prove to your upline that YOU are ready for more advanced training and mentoring or else your lack of self worth will prevent you from your steady growth.

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The Right Coach and Mentor For You

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This article was published on 2010/04/02