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Who does not love a good camping trip? The fresh air, wild game, and of course the family fun that comes with bringing together loved ones under natural elements that only a camping trip can bring. Does this sound like an ideal family venture to you? Well, there are certain requirements needed to realize the full enjoyment that only family camping trip can bring. A since of adventure, a nice pile of fire wood, A sturdy fishing rod and of course a place for you and the family to lay your heads when the days events come to a close.

You don't want your loved ones laying their heads in the mud after that big fishing trip do you? well a dual person tent sounds like the way to go. Two person tents offer a variety of safety and economic values. Dual person tents set up in only a matter of minutes and have a 59" outer base which completely protects two large adults from the elements. A dual person tent includes fiberglass support rods that won't sway with the swiftest breeze; and also sturdy metal stakes that will insure your tents security. After a 2-3 mile hike, who wants to expend extra energy having to crawl through a small hole to attain comfort? Dual person tents offer a large front entrance, with a with a 2-way zipper mesh closure and zippered storm flaps for optimal protection from natures little pests. The heavy duty polyethylene fabric floor offers great comfort and is completely tear resistant so that you and your loved ones don't wake up with gravel in your sleeping bags.

Are you not convinced yet that the two person tent is not the ideal camping solution for you and yours? dual person tents also offers a detachable rain fly, and is completely water proof so that the you or the kids don't wake up soaked in the middle of the night. The dual person tent also offers wide polyester walls and a silver roof with a polyurethane coated finish for a bit of distinction. When your dream family camping trip comes to a close, the dual person tent will come down almost as fast as it took to put up; which means no struggling to collect the days catch and a great deal of memories to take home and share with the family. Any great camper knows that you should always leave the campsite with more than you arrived with. So, where do you store those extra items such as collected rocks, leaves or family photos? Not a problem for the dual person tent, which comes standard with a handy polyester carrying bag. The dual person tent is sure to have you and the family covered in any situation.

I sincerely hope that you and yours will enjoy the family camping trip as you share memories of boat rides over a crystal clear lake, or a hike which lifts family moral and enjoyment. just remember, all great family adventures must come to an end, but the memories will last forever. Just be sure to enjoy those memories in safety and comfort; and remember, nothing offers this more than a dual person tent. ENJOY!

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Two-Person Tents

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This article was published on 2010/04/02