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What happens when a voiceless person goes to a 3 day convention with 100's of Internet marketers, in Chicago and they are all strangers? The odds of being the only person there that does not speak is high. Yet, it is important to be able to communicate with others, to learn from them, as well make meaningful contacts to help propel my Internet business to a new level. It is something to think about...

The event was held by Keith Wellman, one of the most successful Internet marketer's around. He brought in other accomplished marketers that shared their knowledge at seminars and sessions being held over the 3 days in Schaumburg, IL. So my dilemma was to figure out how to engage speakers, and other attendees so they would feel comfortable enough to have a conversation without being "scared away" by a voiceless person...and that does happen.

As I have said in past articles, it is up to me to insure that happens. It is a natural response for people to be defensive, rude, standoffish (cool word if it is one), and uncomfortable. Because a voiceless person is new to them, different, and a lot of times a surprise to have eye contact with a person... the person looks normal and they expect words to come out of your mouth and that doesn't happen.

So what was my strategy to be able to effectively communicate with all of these folks? Simple...first, recognize it is my responsibility to find a way to communicate with "them". It's an important mind set to be aggressive in putting myself in every situation that will benefit my business without the fear of being rebuked...even though that might happen. So, I start out with my pencil and note pad...this is the quickest, simplest way to begin and it gets the point of being voiceless on the table immediately. In almost every case, the note is read and a response is given. Follow up questions, comments and conversation can follow if necessary. Generally what I do is carry my pad and pencil in my hand, if I see someone to talk to, I will hold up one finger to get their attention, and then write or show my note. It works every time. You know they are listening when you get an answer or a question asked. Often the person will start to write me a note, and I tell them that's not necessary.

There are going to be sessions held to hear speakers share their knowledge and experience with the Internet marketing business. I will have my computer on a table and my SpeechPro (text-to-talk software)opened so questions can be asked if necessary. My concern is, the speed a Q & A moves, by the time I type out my question, their might be 2 others questions asked on other topics, so I will be left behind to some degree. This is being over thought perhaps and it will be necessary to be at the convention and see how it develops. Probably the best thing to do is make contact with the people sitting next to me and solicit their help if necessary. Also, most of these speakers will be around for a while, and I can ask them for a few minutes of their time for a one on one conversation, and can use my computer at that time. Perhaps not having a voice does have its advantages...

I have other thoughts that are going through my head.It is exciting driving up to Chicago and going through this experience. A lot of unknowns, plenty of opportunities to grow and share with you those experiences so you will feel confident enough to push yourself and stay in the main stream of life and not let your voice be the controlling factor. Life is good....

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Voiceless Person on Their Own

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This article was published on 2010/11/02